Nº1 Features

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Phase linear response from bass to mid range

This speaker is equipped with symmetrical element positions with the same acoustical path length from all the elements to listeners ear. Combined with an active X-over between bass and the rest of the elements, producing true first order slopes, this creates phase linear response from bass to mid range.

Technical Specifications


Enclosure materials Airgrade plywood, resin and metal castings
Dimensions 168 x 43 x 60 cm
Mid+Treble impedance 4 Ω
Mid+Treble sensitivity 92 dB/2,83 V
Freq response, -3dB points 25 Hz and 40 kHz
Integrated bass amplification Hypex Ncore, 500W per channel

Active cross-over

Input impedance 20 kOhms per phase, balanced or unbalanced
Output impedance 50 Ohms per phase, quasi balanced
Dimensions 44 x 32 x 9 cm